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Hyperlinked Images in Accessible PDFs - Formatting Techniques

If your PDF document contains hyperlinked images, those hyperlinks need to be properly formatted in your document's tag tree in order for a screen reading device to be able to locate and access…

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Instructional Guide for Creating Accessible PDF Forms in Acrobat

In this video, step-by-step instructions for creating accessible forms in Acrobat are demonstrated. Accessible forms can be completed online, virtually, and set up to return responses to an…

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WebAim Tools Zoom Session 11.10.21

In this recorded Zoom training session,'s tools and resources available for accessibility professionals, instructional designers, web designers, and other document prep professionals,…

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ADA Spreadsheet Training and Tabular Infographics Zoom Session 11.03.2021

Demonstrated in this live recorded Zoom session are approaches instructors can take to ensure their spreadsheets and their related tabular infographics are designed in keeping with universal design…

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Shortened, Accessible and Navigable Links

In this video tutorial, various processes for creating accessible links are demonstrated. Formatting your links according to ADA accessibility standards makes your documents, whether Word or PDFs,…

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WebAim Tools and Powerpoints: Branding Fonts and ADA Compliant Color Contrasts

This video provides instruction on using WebAim tools to match the colors of your fonts to branding guidelines while at the same time ensuring they're also in compliance with ADA accessibility…

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Reading Order of PPt. Slides

This video demonstrates the necessary steps that must be taken to ensure that your PowerPoint lecture reads correctly (sequentially and logically) to individuals accessing your presentation with a…

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Word: Paragraph Styles and TOC

In this video, adding paragraph styles in a Word document is demonstrated as is the process of generating and inserting a preformatted hyperlinked Table of Contents in your document. Paragraph…

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HSC Huddle June 2021

Stay in-the-know by tuning into the TTUHSC June 3rd, 2021 President's Huddle!

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Episode 43 StatlineTV 03/12/2021

On this week's episode of Statline, we'll chat about TTUHSC updated COVID precautions, exciting news for our School of Health Professions and an interview with Sara Henly with our…

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2020 Faculty Convocation & Award Ceremony

2020 Faculty Convocation & Award Ceremony with Dr. Rice-Spearman

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Episode 42 StatlineTV in Amarillo 2/26/21

Bryce and Justin are in Amarillo this week bringing all the news, Ace Cards and Huddle surprises to a few of our great team members.

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Episode 41 StatlineTV 2/19/21

Welcome back to another episode of StatlineTV! On this very cold week, White & Looney will try and warm us up with all the exciting things happening around the university. Justin and Bryce are…

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StatlineTV IS BACK!! Episode 40 02/10/2021

Justin and Bryce are BACK with an all new StatlineTV! Sit back and take in the University news and happenings to keep you up-to-date on all things TTUHSC. On this episode, White & Looney chat…

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Season's Greetings 2020_12.1.2020

All of the librarians and staff at TTUHSC want to wish you season's greetings and may your New Year be full of hope, health and happiness.

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EndNote Q_and_A

In this video, librarian Barbara S. Ballew, M.S.Ed., M.A.L.S., M.P.H., answers questions she's received regarding EndNote management. An indexed transcript for this video is available as a PDF…

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